Raised Animal Floor Design

Ridglan Animal Care Systems flooring is made of first-rate steel and completely coated with plastisol (polyvinyl, plastic). The process used in raised animal floor design and manufacturing assures the customer that the floors will be strong and durable. They will last for years even in the most demanding environments.
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The Process

To begin with, the steel is thoroughly cleaned before coating. This guarantees the strongest bond between the plastisol coating and the steel. After that, the product is thoroughly coated with a primer. The primer is formulated explicitly for coatings. Next, the primer is baked at high temperatures. At this time the surface is perfect for accepting the coating. Fully dipping the product into liquid plastisol is the next step. Finally, the coated floor is evenly cured for an extended time at high temperatures. Our heat-cured surface is smooth and resistant to bacterial and fungal growth. This is not true for floors not cured in ovens. Uniform curing strengthens adhesion. This process produces a tough surface with superior wear resistance.

Kennel and Cage Floor Design and Manufacturing

RACS veterinary flooring is specifically designed for animal health. The plastisol-coated raised floors keep animals warm, dry, and comfortable. RACS floors are easy and quickly cleaned. Therefore, a minimal amount of time is spent on maintaining a sanitary facility. In addition, the mesh allows most of the fecal matter to fall through onto the floor below.  Waste can then be washed down the drain quickly and as often as necessary. Best of all, there is no need to remove the animals.

Ridglan Animal Care System takes pride in the ability to manufacture custom-raised flooring. This includes strict adherence to tight tolerances. The floor is entirely coated after it has been welded so that there will be no exposed metal. As a result, rust cannot penetrate the product. In addition, all RACS coated steel flooring is guaranteed to be autoclave safe.

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Floors Built to Last!

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