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Ridglan Animal Care Systems (RACS) manufacture plastisol (poly-vinyl) coated animal flooring. We understand that the health and well-being of your animals is a high priority. Not only does RACS animal flooring keep animals warm and dry, but also comfortable. All floors have a plastisol coating that stays at room temperature keeping animals warm. Moreover, the flooring is designed with openings. As a result, waste falls through to the floor below. Because of this, caregivers are able to easily maintain a clean area without moving the animals.
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Ridglan Animal Care Systems is a division of ADA Enterprises, Inc. We have been in the plastisol coated flooring business for over 45 years. We were the manufacturer for RACS while owned by Dr. Ralph McGrew prior to purchasing Ridglan Animal Care Systems from him at the time of his retirement in 2010. We are proud to continue with the excellent work that he began with veterinarian and research facilities. We offer a complete line of standard animal flooring. In addition, our knowledgeable and professional staff can help you design custom sized floors to meet your needs.  Best of all, RACS plastisol coated metal floors are built to last! More information about RACS flooring.

Plastisol Coated Animal Flooring Since 1974!

ADA Enterprises, Inc. began in 1974. At that time, plastisol coated flooring in the pork industry was the main focus. The coated animal flooring was initially used for piglets in farrowing, nursery, and finishing barns. Since then, ADA has expanded its product lines. Our products also accommodate calves, goats, and many other animals.

In addition, ADA Enterprises, Inc. purchased Premier Polysteel, a playground company, in 1998.  ADA used the network already built to begin manufacturing and selling plastisol coated commercial outdoor furniture.  Therefore, our unique coating process is applied to all aspects of our furniture line. Even the bench and table legs and the braces are coated!  Since we coat everything, Premier Polysteel backs its products with an Industry Leading 20 Year Warranty!

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