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Comfort RACS


Comfort RACS cage floors are made of plastic-coated perforated steel in a glossy Hunter Green color.  The perforating process produces a flat surface for a more comfortable surface for animals.

Most standard size Comfort RACS floors are in stock and ready to ship. Custom sizes are available.

Original Cage RAC


Original RACS Cage Floors, now used by veterinarians for over 40 years, are designed to be lightweight, durable, easy to clean. They are constructed to allow papers and bedding changes without disturbing the animal in the cage.   

The Original Cage RAC is plastic-coated expanded metal welded to the sled runner style legs prior to coating. The Original RACS Cage Floor comes in a glossy brown plastic coated metal.



Glossy brown plastic coated floor. Self-supported expanded metal steel surface.

In response to requests for even lighter cage floors, RAC-Lite aluminum cage floors were developed. These floors are 35% lighter than coated steel floors of the same size.  The height of the RAC-Lite floor is 2-1/4″ from the floor to the top of the mesh.  This allows almost two inches additional headroom for the larger dogs.  As with our Original RACS cage floors, the larger cages have an extra pair of legs in the center.  RAC-Lite floors are shorter in height, weigh less, and therefore are easier to handle than their steel counterparts.