Comfort RACS


Comfort RACS cage floors are made of plastic-coated perforated steel in a glossy Hunter Green color.  The perforating process produces a flat surface for a more comfortable surface for animals.

Most standard size Comfort RACS floors are in stock and ready to ship. Custom sizes are available.

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Comfort RACS Cage Floor

The Comfort RAC is a cage floor with a self supported plastic coated perforated steel surface.

Please watch this short video on how to measure your cage prior to placing your order.

ATTENTION! We have had a least twelve reports over the last fifteen years of large dogs (shepherds, collies, retrievers, etc.) dropping their tongues through the mesh while under general anesthesia. Serious injury may result if the tongue swells and becomes stuck in the mesh. Personnel must be alerted to this danger and instructed to monitor patients until they become conscious and are able to hold their heads up.

Comfort RACS Floors

Plastic coated perforated steel.
Inner Cage DepthInner Cage WidthFloor SizeAverage WeightUnit Price
28 inches16 inches27.5" Depth x 15.5" Width10 pounds$129.00
28 inches22 inches27.5" Depth x 21.5" Width12 pounds$150.00
28 inches28 inches27.5" Depth x 27.5" Width15 pounds$169.00
28 inches34 inches27.5" Depth x 33.5" Width19 pounds$200.00
28 inches46 inches27.5" Depth x 45.5" Width (2 pcs)30 pounds$306.00

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Available Floor Sizes

27.5" x 15.5" x 2.375", 27.5" x 21.5" x 2.375", 27.5" x 27.5" x 2.375", 27.5" x 33.5" x 2.375", 27.5" x 45.5" x 2.375" (2 pcs)


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