Maintain the Ideal Temperature

Select and maintain the ideal heat mat surface temperature for your pets, small animals, and reptiles.  The easy to clean Poly Pet Heat Mat has a large comfortably heated surface with beveled edges.  It is great for indoor and outdoor use.

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The Poly Pet Heat Mat

heat matThe Poly Pet is made of high density, durable polyethylene with a coil encased cord.  It comes with a state of the art controller that will maintain any pre-selected temperature between 40° F and 105° F.  There is no heat loss through the bottom surface; therefore it is very energy efficient.  One unique safety mechanism is the “high limit” setting.  This high limit temperature shut off self-activates at 105° F.  This product is available in two sizes: 18″ x 18″ and 18″ x 28″.

With the adjustable, heated surface of the Poly Pet, it is easy to provide the optimal climate for your pet, small animals, and reptile habitats.

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