Used in Veterinary Hospitals and Clinics

cage floorsRidglan Animal Care Systems veterinary cage floors are widely used in veterinary hospitals and clinics and are available to fit manufactured cages such as Shor-line, Suburban, VSSI, Dirk,and Snyder.  Most sizes are in stock now and can ship immediately.  Furthermore, custom sizes are available for lengths up to 12 feet in aluminum or steel prior to coating.  We can also make custom RACS cage floors for the fiberglass cages that have tapered sides.  Three styles are available:

  • Original Cage RAC
  • Punched Steel Comfort RAC
  • Coated Aluminum RAC-Lite

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From a loyal customer: I am the Purchasing Director for Snyder Mfg. and work with hundreds of vendors whom assist in creating our wonderful product. With the growing economy and relentless production schedules that so many of us are experiencing, I have found that RACS is one of the more reliable vendors in terms of meeting (or beating) lead times, superior quality and their customer service is second to none. 

A special thanks to Courtney and Brittany for getting our recent order shipped so quickly! Yours faithfully, Gary Montoya, Snyder Mfg. Purchasing Director

Three Standard Cage Floors

Original Cage RACS

The Original Cage Floor, now used by veterinarians for over 35 years, is designed to be lightweight, durable, easy to clean, and of a design that allows papers and bedding to be changed without disturbing the animal in the cage.  The specially made legs are similar to sled runners in appearance and are bent according to the size of cage floor they will be used for.  If used in larger cages, a center support is also welded to the platform.  These floors remain popular for two reasons.  First, they have a lower cost. Second, when using a cage dryer after bathing there is air circulation.

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The Original Cage coated steel floor has sled runner legs and a glossy Brown plastic coating.

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Comfort RACS

The Comfort RAC Floor is plastic-coated perforated steel with a glossy Hunter Green coating.  The perforating process produces a flat surface for a more comfortable surface to walk or lie on.  At the same time it retains the advantage of the plastic coating and offers an opening size large enough for easy pass through of fecal material.

Comfort RAC: Coated perforated steel with a glossy Hunter Green plastic coating.

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Aluminum RAC-Lite

The Aluminum RAC-Lite floor was developed in response to requests for even lighter cage floors.  The RAC-Lite is 35% lighter than a coated steel floor of the same size.  The height of these floors is 2-1/4″ from the floor to the top of the mesh.  This allows almost two inches additional head room for the larger dogs.  As with our Original Cage Floors, the larger cages have an extra pair of legs in the center.  They are popular due to their shorter height, lesser weight, and ease of handling.

The Aluminum RAC-Lite is 35% lighter than coated steel. Coated Glossy Brown.

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Both our coated aluminum and coated steel cage floors are designed to hold the weight of the animals that will fit in the appropriate size cage floor.  They are not made to put into runs or resting platforms for large sized animals, or for where human weight might be applied.    Cleaning the plastic coated animal flooring is simple and efficient, eliminating bacteria buildup.  All RACS flooring is autoclave safe.  RACS plastic coated veterinary flooring relieves animal stress by staying dry and never feeling colder than room temperature.

RACS Veterinary Flooring – The Best in Animal Comfort

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