RACS Whelping Floor Package of 2


Provide a polyvinyl-coated steel whelping floor made to fit under the RACS Whelping Box. This 2-piece raised surface is 48″ x 48″.

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RACS Whelping Floor

To be used beneath the RACS Dog Whelping Kit

whelping floor

48″ x 48″ floor fits beneath the RACS Whelping Box. 2 pieces.

Place the 2-piece polyvinyl-coated steel whelping floor beneath your RACS Whelping Kit to complete your whelping area. The surface has diamond-shaped openings that allow urine and most feces to fall through to the surface below. Each piece is 24″ x 48″ and has raised tabs welded into the four outside corners to keep the box in place. Size Large.

Use with or without bedding. The flooring alone is a comfortable surface that keeps moms and pups clean, warm, and dry.

Easy to clean

RACS flooring cleans easily with a hose or pressure washer. The design of the RACS mesh accommodates the smallest foot while having openings as large as possible for easy cleaning. The polyvinyl-coated metal mesh promotes optimal foot health.

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Additional information

Weight 125 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 26 × 8 in

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