Bottom Tub Floor Grate


Tub Bottom Grates are built to rest on the bottom of a tub. The grate allows animals to be up off the tub floor and dirt and suds rinse off through the open mesh surface to the tub below. View our return policy.

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The Bottom Tub Floor Grate is designed to use on the floor of your tub. It is available in two standard sizes. In addition, custom sizes of RACS raised bathing floors are available. The entire steel grate has a 1/8-inch coating of mildew-resistant, glossy brown plastisol.  Our plastisol-coated steel animal tub grates are one-piece construction. Once the sled-runner legs are welded to the mesh, the entire piece is completely dipped in the liquid plastisol. There is no exposed steel anywhere on the grate so that rust could form.

Cage grate samples

A cut-away sample of the coated mesh grate surface.

The diamond-shaped mesh platform is elevated 2.5 inches from the bottom by two runners. Also, the runners are set in approximately 1.5 inches to avoid the curve of the tub. Therefore, measure the width and length of the inside of your tub at 2 inches above the bottom to be sure of the size grate needed.

The Bottom Tub Floor Grate is able to hold dogs of any size. It is available in two standard sizes: 36″ x 18″ and 36″ x 21″. These sizes fit most tubs available on the market, including human bathtubs. However, we also are able to offer custom sizes.

Additional information

Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 21 × 4 in

Width (inches)

36"X18", 36"X21"

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