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Plastic Coated Veterinary Floors

Hank, Official Spokesdog

Hank, Official Spokesdog

Ridglan Animal Care Systems is the manufacturer of plastic (PVC) coated steel and aluminum veterinary flooring.  All RACS veterinary flooring is specifically designed to keep animals warm, dry, and comfortable.  RACS flooring is completely coated with plastic so you can maintain a sanitary facility with a minimal amount of time spent.  The mesh allows most of the fecal matter to fall through onto the floor below, which can then be washed down the drain quickly and as often as necessary without removing the animals.

Ridglan Animal Care System takes pride in the ability to manufacture flooring to customer needs, including strict adherence to tight tolerances.  The plastic coated flooring is one-piece construction and coated in its entirety after welding.  There is no exposed metal that will cause rust to permeate throughout the product.  In addition, all RACS plastic coated metal flooring is guaranteed to be autoclave safe.

RACS Flooring is Built to Last!

The process in manufacturing of RACS plastic coated flooring assures the customer that the floors will be strong and durable even in the most demanding environments.  First the metal is thoroughly cleaned before coating to guarantee the strongest bond between the PVC coating and the metal substrate.  The metal is then thoroughly coated with a primer specifically formulated for PVC coatings.  The primer is baked on at high temperatures, preparing a surface that is perfect for accepting the PVC coating.  The metal is then fully immersed into liquefied PVC.  Finally, the coated floor is then oven cured for an extended time at high temperatures.  Our oven cured surface is smoother and more resistant to bacterial and fungal growth than other floorings that are not cured in ovens.  Uniform curing creates stronger adhesion to the metal for a tougher surface with greater wear resistance.

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