I love my RACS kennel floors! They are the best part of my kennel. The dogs love them and so do I. Cleaning them is a breeze and doesn’t take very long at all. I don’t know what I would do without them.
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RACS Run Covers
Mark Dully, PrimeTime KennelMark Dully
PrimeTime Kennel
Hamilton, Ohio

ISU Vet Hospital Testimonial

The Dura Saver Stall Mats here at ISU Vet Hospital has proven to be more beneficial than traditional rubber mats here at the vet hospital.  Some of the reasons being, they are easier to move because they are rigid (they can be stood up against the stall wall for cleaning)  The biggest selling point for the vet hospital is that, because of their material that it can be completely disinfected and cannot harbor bacteria.

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Brown adult horse
Verlin PottsISU Barn Manager, Equine Vet Hospital

Steve says his pit bull Marley LOVES her bed, and normally she destroys everything!

Happy Dog Bed OwnerSteve Yaney

Poly-Vinyl Animal Flooring Testimonial from John Smith

Ridglan Animal Care Systems (RACS), Poly-Vinyl Animal Flooring, has made all the difference in our business. Thank you for helping keep us and our animals happy!

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John Smith

My 11-year-old golden mix loves her new bed! She sleeps on it every chance she gets, and her hair doesn’t stick to the bed so it’s easy to clean!”

Delighted CustomerMegan Ewoldt

NCMG Testimonial

Ridglan Animal Care Systems (RACS) Flooring products are truly beneficial to any animal care facility. Not only is the company easy to work with and willing to modify their items for you, but the animals respond so well to the material. No more slipping and sliding from older dogs who are nervous to be walking on anything other than carpeting. The grates are easy to clean, durable, and not hard on the pets feet. The fact that everything is also removable is an added bonus. I can remove them from my kennels and clean them easily. The plastic and the coated metal last for years. There is no reason to worry about porous surfaces growing bacteria. These types of grates are hard to find and there are no other grates like them. I am so glad to have found RACS Floors.

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cage floors
NCMGJessica Moore, NCMG

Snyder Mfg. Testimonial

I am the Purchasing Director for Snyder Mfg. and work with hundreds of vendors who assist in creating our wonderful product. With the growing economy and relentless production schedules that so many of us are experiencing, I have found that RACS is one of the more reliable vendors in terms of meeting (or beating) lead times, superior quality and their customer service is second to none. 

A special thanks to Courtney and Brittany for getting our recent order shipped so quickly! 

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Snyder Mfg. Purchasing DirectorGary Montoya