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3 Types of Animal Floor Grates

3 Types of Animal Floor Grates   RACS has been working with plastisol coated animal flooring since 1974. When it comes to animal flooring options, it makes sense to go with the experts who have been serving the needs of veterinarians for over 45 years. Let our knowledgeable and experienced staff assist you in providing the…

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Cage Grates for Animal Health and Comfort

Cage Grates for Animal Health and Comfort Choosing Cage Grates When your patient’s health and comfort are your top priorities, it’s crucial that you choose cage grates that are designed to offer exactly that. While recovering from procedures, veterinarians want to provide the best possible surface for the small animals in their care. Placing them…

Elderly dog on a raised cage floor

Easy-to-Clean RACS Cage Floors

Autocalve Save Cage Floors Cleanliness is key in your veterinary practice; therefore, our raised RACS cage floors are specially designed to simplify that process. Durability Matters To start off, we use a strong steel mesh that is designed to accommodate even the smallest foot while having openings as large as possible for easy cleaning. Each…